Blush & Rose Beauty Bar and Your Safety


What is Blush & Rose doing for you?

Blush & Rose has always been a clean and sanitary Beauty Bar - So nothing has changed to much. We just have increased our heath& safety more.

Before we reopen again,  we deep cleaned the entire space, plus packed up the non essential items not allowed in the space. 


We all wear mask and gloves for all services (until further notice)

We are using a medical grade disinfectant for all stainless steel tools, and nothing is being recycled between clients. (it is tossed into the garbage!! Good-bye!!)

Before each and every service, time is blocked off to disinfect all surfaces & seating before your service starts. So if we run behind, please be kind.


The cash out area, gets disinfected, and the square pin pad & any objects in front of you.

When you enter the beauty bar, please sanitize, every guest is required to sanitize before coming into space.

We are limiting the number of guests in the space of 5.

We make sure all staff and Guests are healthy and showing no symptoms daily.


What we are asking of our Guests:

Please wear a mask, if you do not have one I will supply FREE of charge


Sanitize your hands when entering the home


Wait outside until your appointment time, we will notify you with a text message, if it is ten mins and we haven't notified you please come to the front widow


If you are sick, please stay home.  We will not be charging anyone for late cancellations at this time.

We will see you soon.

Blush & Rose Beauty Squad