February 16th at 10am we will be opening! We will not be able to perform any services that the mask needs to be removed!

Hair Removal

Bikini Waxing

Bikini  "Neat & Tidy" 

Tidy up areas not covered by undies $21

Bikini Extended "Barely There"

Almost everything goes does not include labia, or between the cheeks
Almost everything goes does not include labia,  but includes between the cheeks
Virgin Brazilian Your first time with everything goes front and back $50

Brazillian "Between Cheeks & All"

Everything goes from front to back, unless you tell us otherwise  (3-5 week growth)



Full Legs


Lower Legs


Half Arms 
Upper Legs
Full Arms
Brows-"Clean Up" 
No Trimming


Lower Stomach 
Brow Sculpting "The Whole Sha-Bang"WAX+Trim+Fill $25 Upper Lip $8


1/2 Back




$40 plus
Full Face - Upper Lip, Temples & Chin


$40 plus